St. Louis Parks

STL features a number of outstanding parks and among these there are a few that are very large. Forest Park is an example of the largest public parks in the city St. Louis. It is spread across 1293 acres or 5.2 square kilometers and located in the city proper. This may not be the largest park in the metro area because there are a few others that are larger. These include Greensfelder County Park and Creve Coeur Park which lie in St. Louis County and measure 1646 acres and 2, 11 4 acres.

Home to hundreds of parks

St. Louis is home to more than 100 parks which range in size from 1371 acres to less than an acre. Among the public parks in St. Louis Missouri you can include Baer Plaza which is owned as well as maintained by CVC/Sports Authority. The Gateway Arch National Park is another public park. It is owned as well as maintained by the National Park Service. The third public park of note in St. Louis is called Kiel Triangle Park which is owned by Bi-State Development Agency. Finally, there is Luther Ely Smith Park which is again owned as well as maintained by the National Park Service.

Lafayette Park

Lafayette Park is one of the first public parks in St. Louis and it was the largest of its kind in its day. Many historians are of the opinion that it is oldest urban park to the west of the Mississippi. It measures 30 acres and is considered one of the best in the city of St. Louis Missouri.

Forest Park

Forest Park is much larger than Lafayette Park and it is in fact forty-six times the size of Lafayette Park. This is a public park that belongs to each and every resident of St. Louis. It opened (officially) on 24th June 1876 and is counted among the largest urban parks in the US. It is considerably bigger than Central Park in New York City and attracts over 12 million visitors each year. It is home to some major institutions including but not limited to those such as the Zoo and Art Museum as well as Missouri History Museum.

Creve Coeur Park

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The nice thing about Forest Park is that it takes days to view and enjoy the park. When here, be sure to check out the Science Museum as too the History Museum and Jewel Box. The nice thing about this park is its paved and graveled trails making it an ideal park for runners and strollers as well as bikers.

This park is exceptional. In 1999, 1005.8 acres were added to this park which also has four miles of paved paths for bicycling. In 2015, the park got a new Water Trail making it an even more exciting public park.

Gateway Arch Park

In July of 2018, Gateway Arch Park was unveiled to the public after extensive and costly renovations. While here at the park, be sure to check out some riverboat cruises and also take in the Old Courthouse.