St. Louis Steamers

I apologize for this page being a mess. I used to have a different page with cool videos, interviews, and kind of a shrine to Slobo.

This page is dedicated to the St Louis Steamers and bringing the time back to play at a professional level. Growing up, I attended all of the Steamers at the old St Louis Arena (Checkerdome). There was a time that existed that they were one of the biggest shows in town. During big matches, the Arena would be filled to it’s capacity. There was no greater toy than the orange bouncy mini steamer soccer ball. Sincerely, those things were amazing. When you’d walk through the old barn during halfway time, there would be 50 different mini soccer games going on in the hall. The Steam Heat Dancers would put on a white hot show. It would be great if the Steamers came back to St Louis.


Gary Dell
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