All of the STLTV stations have top rated news teams to keep St Louis residents well informed of what is happening locally, nationally and globally but none of them go harder in the paint that Elliot Davis.

STL TV Stations is the local St Louis government channel available on cable stations 992 and 99 on UVerse.  Visit Site

Fox 2 News, uses the domain and and features the Contact 2 Team.  Visit Site

KMOV, Channel 4, is the local CBS affiliate and is ranked as the number two television station in the St. Louis market. KMOV offers prime time favorites such as the CSI family of shows and Two and a Half Men. For night owls, the Late Show with David Letterman is also carried by this station. Site Link
KTVI, Channel 2, is the local FOX affiliate carrying local and national news as well as prime time favorites such as The Simpsons, American Idol, Cops, Glee, Family Guy, and House. Site Link
KSDK, Channel 5, is an NBC affiliate and the top rated television station in the St. Louis area. The station offers prime time shows such as Law and Order, The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser, 30 Rock, and The Office. Site Link
KPLR, Channel 11, is a member of the CW television network and was rated as the top independent television station in the country in 1997. Popular prime time offerings include the shows King of Queens, America’s Top Model and the Vampire Diaries.
KNDL, Channel 30, is the St. Louis ABC affiliate. This channel offers favorite shows such as Gray’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Dancing with the Stars. In addition to local and national nightly newscasts, KDNL also broadcasts ABS’s Nightline and 20/20 news programs.
KETC, Channel 9, is the local PBS affiliate, which offers educational programming as well as This Old House, NOVA, and the Antiques Roadshow.

KNLC, Channel 24, is an independently owned station featuring religious programming.